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Master of the Amazon Universe

In order for a company to keep control over their business and continue to stay profitable, it needs to think strategically about all manner of business. These days selling is so much more than producing a catalogue of products that speaks to customers; it’s also about branding, distribution and managing inventory.
For many sellers, utilizing Amazon is a no brainer. Should you elect not to use the Amazon platform, however, it is important to know this: it is likely that a third party seller is already selling your merchandise there, and it is up to you to ensure that a.) this is something you’re comfortable with, and b.) it is represented at a level that meets your standards. While there are measures in place which limits who can sell your products on Amazon, how your merchandise is marketed can affect how the customer perceives your company — off-brand, incorrect information and poor images, for instance, will be off-putting to buyers who will point the blame at you, not the third par…