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8 Things You Should Never Do After A Facial

8 Things You Should Never Do After A FacialBy: Audrey I consider facials to be regular complexion maintenance—kind of like car tune-ups for our face or regular dental cleaning for your teeth. Regular facials can help fight the stress, the environment, and some of our lifestyle habits that take a toll on our skin. And there is plenty to be said for that fresh, shiny glow and soft skin post-facial (not to mention the relaxation of an hour or two of all about me time). But after more than 25 years as an esthetician, I’m always surprised how some people spend $400-$500 on hair and nail on a regular basis and yet, their skin is last on their list! Skin is the largest organ of our body and one of its main functions is to protect our internal organs from harmful things and yet it’s neglected by people of all ages. For those of you that facial is part of your lifestyle, here is the list of 8 things NOT to do on the day of your treatment. For the first day after getting a facial, you'll want…

What About Men With Acne?

What About Men With Acne?
By Mari Bozozo

As a woman, I know all too well that the lot of us are subjected to acne for a plethora of reasons,
with hormonal imbalances heading at the top of the list. This would not only explain our cyclical
skin eruptions but why we appear to be the sex that appears to struggle with it at a higher rate,
thus making us far more vocal about this issue.
But what about men with acne? While I believe that they are just as susceptible to it as women,
it appears that they adopt a stance of silence and inaction toward it. Thus, resulting in more
challenges dealing with it. Certainly, I am not undermining a woman’s insufferable experiences
with acne. If that were the case, I’d be undermining my very own. However, if I’m to do a
“comparative analysis” in regards to which sex is at a more disadvantage in having acne, I’d be
compelled to admit that it very well may be men. Ponder over this for a moment: As women,
what is the #1 go-to weapon in our arsenal to either conceal or…