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The Art of the Amazon Return Monitoring

Part of selling on Amazon is dealing with returns. Typically Amazon will notify the seller by email if a customer elects to return something they’ve bought, and money from that sale is taken from the seller’s account until the item has been mailed back. Forty-five days is the approximate length of time Amazon usually gives customers to return the merchandise. If the customer does not return the item, Amazon is generally consistent with returning any withheld funds back to the seller — however, this isn’t always the case. It is incumbent on the seller to keep tabs on monitoring refunds vs reimbursements. If you sell less than $10,000 monthly, this is something you can reconcile on your own without taking too much time away from growing your business. Once you start hitting $25,000 month in sales, it’s time to consider purchasing AMZSuite ( which takes out much of the heavy lifting with its automated watchdog functionality. AMZSuite is an automated service designed to reconc…