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Incentivizing Amazon Reviews

There is good news for sellers who hope to increase the number of reviews for their merchandise. Amazon will reach out to reputable reviewers at random — those who have never been flagged for writing dishonest or abusive reviews in the past — and offer them a $1 - $3 gift card to incentivize them to write customer reviews mainly for items with five reviews or less. The program is called the Amazon Early Reviewer Program, and while the reviewers are chosen at random, it is not extended to Amazon employees or friends and family of participating sellers.

The Amazon Early Reviewer Program is meant to bolster the number of reviews for new sellers while encouraging customers to get in the habit of writing experiential reviews. In no way is the program designed to flood sellers’ pages with positive feedback; reviewers are encouraged to be honest and forthright with their opinions.

It is important to make sure you meet all the criteria before applying for the program:

Your brand is registered …