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Comparing "Our" Skin to Theirs

Comparing “Our” Skin to Theirs
By Mari Bozozo

Have you ever found yourself randomly gawking at someone for no other reason than to admire
(well, more like envy) their perfection personified better known as clear and smooth skin? I know
that I have. I would also ask myself, “Why were they blessed with the good skin gene, and I
have not? It’s just not fair!” As with a variety of other plights that we all have and continue to
endure, being stricken with a chronic skin problem such as acne makes life grossly unfair, also.
You all may very well know, and probably from firsthand experience to boot, acne not only
impacts an individual physically, but it also packs a pretty mean punch mentally, emotionally,
and psychologically. Being in an almost constant state of unhappiness and self-consciousness,
never being able to fully relax in the presence of others, and overall letting one’s appearance
dictate just how he/she would live life is what acne has done to sufferers by the masses, myself